January 26, 2013

One of these things is not like the other....


Things in the house have been very crazy.  Both boys are sick.  As am I.  Last night, the little one was having horrible growing pains and so I was rubbing his legs.  I kid you not when I say I stood by the side of my bed for an hour, just massaging his little knees and calves.  I stepped out of just a minute.  When I came back to the room, not only was he crying, but my husband was standing in the bathroom covered head to toe in hives.  Huge welts, everywhere.

So I walked out and went straight to the medicine cabinet.  I realized it was also time for Ants and my meds too.  I filled the little cups and got the kid all medicated.  Filled a little cup of Benadryl for David.  Then it was my turn.  I started pouring my cups then realized it looked funny right before I threw it down the hatch.  What was it you ask???  In the middle of all the craziness, I grabbed the wrong bottle.  Yes it had my name on it, and it was the little small bottle, BUT...

What I needed was cough medicine.  What I almost took...laxatives!!!  

Luckily I caught that before I took it.  Lord knows the last thing I needed was to have to lock myself away in the bathroom while the rest of the family fell apart.  

Today was better.  Anthony is feeling better.  Alex spent the day with his Grandma.  David is still a little under the weather and his hives came back again tonight, but no where near as bad.  We will wait and go to the clinic instead of the ER.  And my chest is clearing up.  I sound like a 30 year smoker but it could be worse!  The day was spent resting and reading, but I guess that's what weekends are for right?

**Just a friendly reminder to always read your medication labels.  Make sure they are the right ones as well as the side effects so you know what to expect!!**


  1. Well, that could've ended badly! lol.

  2. Yes, it could have ended badly - but Mama saved the day (and night)! I guess a call to the poison control would be necessary.

    I am really sorry all of you are sick. Ugh on the hives :(. Hope everyone is feeling better really soon. One thing to do is to just lock yourselves in the bedroom and put videos on the TV. That's what I did when we all had the flu. I put the TV in the bedroom, got a whole bunch of family friendly videos and stayed in bed for a few days!! "Love it"!

    1. Lisa, we did the family movie bed last week and it was much needed. I'm just glad the meds were for me and not one of the boys. If I would have mixed it up on them, I never would have forgiven myself. Plus knowing how bad the side effects are, I don't think they would forgive me either ;-)

  3. Oh goodness, that could have been bad. Glad you caught it before you took it!

    1. Me too! That would have been the last thing I needed!