January 10, 2013

My 2013 reading list

The Blog Dare on Bloggy MomsWriting from bed today.  Brought down by another bug that I'm hoping is just a 24 hour one.  Welcome to life with a compromised immune system.  It seems as the years go by, I get sick more and more often.  Not complaining, just stating!  After all, I have a bad liver.  Its going to get a lot worse that this!

And while I am laying here in bed catching up with TV shows that I missed and blogs that I love reading, I cant help but long for a book in my hands.  Last summer my brother gave me a kindle.  And so I read a free book but nothing beats turning the pages of a book.  My only problem is I go though them so fast that by the end of the week, I have nothing to read.  Saturday I picked up Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich.  I love this woman.  Seriously.  Read all her books.  Every one of them.  Not just the 19 Stephanie Plum books, but the 2 from the Wicked Series, 4 Barnaby and Hooker Series,  11 of her previous books, the 6 from her Full Series and 2 others that she co wrote. And I have The Husband List is on hold at the library.   And I read all but 5 of these books just last year.  On top of the Sookie Stackhouse Series of 12 and the 50 Shades trilogy.  There were also a few others in there too. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan was one of my favorites of the year.  In total I read well over 50 books.  Not to bad.  

What have I read this month?  Notorious Nineteen and the True Blood Cook Book, if cook books count.  Yes, they really did  made a cook book based on the series.  I even plan on trying a few of the recipes.  But now I'm here in bed, with nothing to read.  I have books waiting to be picked up, but seeing as I can't drive, I'm just going to have to wait till the weekend.  I have been adding books to my wish list everyday.  Whats on my list?  

Catching Fire. 
A is for Alibi.  And the rest of the series if I like it.
The Miracle Strip
Unglued:  Making wise choices in the mist of raw emotions.
Happy:  Simple steps to get the most out of life.
The Husband List.
Gone Girl.
Handle with care.
Change of heart.
Defending Jacob.
At first sight.
The choice.
The Bungalow.
Toxic Relief.
The Taker.
A Game of Thrones.

I just discovered Good Reads. How have I now known about this before.  I will be adding and browsing for more to add to the list.  But for now this is all I have. What else is out there?  What are you reading? 

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  1. Looks like a great list!

    I'd love to finish the Stephanie Plum series... I'm on 13 of 19!

    Hope you're feeling better!