December 12, 2012

Last Labs of the Year! (fingers crossed)

I finally went to do my lab work today for my hematologist.  I usually get them done the first week of the month.  But something always came up.  And to make it worse, I checked in on Four Square and it said I hadn't checked 2 months.  So now I am thinking I didn't even go last month.  Oh, my Dr is going to kill me!  Or stick me back on monthly appointments.  Which would well, suck!

I usually get a call the next day if there is any problems.  So fingers crossed, that all is good.  I have my follow up with him next week.  And that's the last appointment of the year.  Praying to end the year on a good note.  Good results.  No surprises. Unless its a present, because I love presents!

How is it almost Christmas anyways?  It was just Halloween!  The weather her in Texas has been bi-polar.  This morning at the bus stop, I was freezing.  Even with jeans and my big comfy hoodie.  This afternoon I was wearing shorts and slippers.  No wonder people get sick around this time.  Their bodies cant keep up with the up and down temperatures!

Enough rambling.  Wishing you all a great rest of the week.  This weekend is going to be a blast.  More about that later!  Much love!

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