November 21, 2012

A happy mind, is a healthy mind

Day 21: Write about mental health

What is mental health? 
1. A state of emotional and psychological well-being in which an individual is able to use his or her cognitive and emotional capabilities, function in society, and meet the ordinary demands of everyday life.

I have shared my few experiences with Hepatic Encephalopathy. Its a brain disorder caused by my liver disease.  Wait what? Well, because my liver is no longer able to filter out all the toxins that it normally would, the toxins then pass though to my brain.  Causing the HE.  Over time I have been able to figure out what my big triggers are.  And what things are ok.  I have learned to depend on my medication instead of dreading it.  Because no matter how horrible they make me feel, its nothing compared to and HE episode or worse.  

Today we are talking about Mental Health.  The complete opposite of my Encephalopathy.  But not out of reach for me.  I love knowing that I have more good days than bad days.  I am very thankful for that.  Knowing that I am able to have mental health over illness makes me feel like I am in control.  And sometimes that feeling is the best feeling in the world.  But how do I stay healthy?  I have paid such close attention to my body that I know my triggers.  I know the signs.  And I know how to treat them. 

Some people notice that a majority of the time, I have a water bottle with me.  I drink a lot of water.  I love it.  Dehydration in one of my biggest triggers.  So I keep the water flowing.  My biggest trigger? Red meat.  So I have switched to ground turkey.  I hardly beef.  And only if I am going straight home.  Because who knew you could get drunk of meat?  That is what it feels like.  Its horrible.  

I'd like to think that these things aren't the only things keeping me straight.  Exercise, even if its just playing with the boys.  No, especially playing with the boys.  Their laughter is contagious.   Surrounding myself with positive thoughts and positive people.  Sunshine.  Writing.  Taking time to just breath.  Even if its only 5 minuets.  Find what works and do it.  And don't ever stop.

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