July 5, 2012

Got Pills? Get a Pillfold!

For those of us who are dealing with chronic illnesses and other health problems one of our many worries are our medications.  Tell me something.  Where do you keep your meds?  In a cabinet?  Maybe a pillbox?  That is what I had.  It is a weekly one.  Sectioned off for morning and nights.  Its a pink and blue thing that's just not very cute.  And why does that matter?  Because every day when I would open it up it was sort of depressing.  And Im a girl, I like cute things.

I first heard of Sara when she was featured as Mrs May of the 12-12-12 project my friend Marissa is doing over at Abledis.  Then when I saw this post I was in love!  It was the first thing on next on my Christmas list too!  Then Marissa, being awesome, mentioned on one of her posts that  the first person to mention the name of Sara's book Despite Lupus, she would buy that person one.  I was all over that :)

And look what I got in the mail!

Thank You Sara and Marissa!  I love my new pillfold :)

And I love the print!

Inside.  Each day has its own pocket.  Sun and moon for day and night :)
So if you are looking for something cuter than the old pill box to keep your trusted meds in, check out Saras website and get one for yourself.  She also has pill bags which are just as awesome.  Might have to get me one of them too.


  1. That is sooooooo cute! Off to check it out!

  2. I love Theses! I must get one! They look perfect for Travel Because they want to see your pills.