April 4, 2012


Day 4 Prompt: I write about my health because… Reflect on why you write about your health for 15-20 minutes without stopping.

There is nothing more lonely than finding out that you are sick and having most of your family so far away.  I was making and receiving a handful of calls everyday.  Then there were the emails and the questions and I was just to tired to get back to everyone.  I already had a family blog, and I thought maybe a blog about my journey with Budd Chiari Syndrome would help bring everyone up to date a lot easier.  

The first thing I did was try to find another blog about life with BCS, but I came up empty handed. I found one, but the last post was a scary one.  Talking about the pain and the appointments.  I had no one to relate to.  Now one to turn to for advice on this specific disease.  That's when I decided that it was perfect.  Probably no one would read it, but that didn't bother me.  I was running out of pages in my journal and was for sure we would be so broke after all the tests I had just done, so we wouldn't be able to afford a new two dollar journal right?!  Can we say dramatic!  Really though, I just wanted a place to write out my thoughts and share with family and friends what was going on.  

A few months into writing, I got an email from a girl who like me was diagnosed with BCS and she was told she could never have children.  She was curious because I had just had my son and she too dreamed of having her own kids.  Of course I was pregnant at the time of being diagnosed.  Suddenly I wasn't alone anymore.  Over the years I have found a handful of other BCS patients, transplant patients and other moms who have been her for me though the ups and the downs, good days and bad.  I love hearing from everyone.  So feel free to leave a comment or two! And leave a link to your blog so I can return the favor!

I also want to get the word out about Organ Donation.  My only option is a liver transplant.  Maybe it won't be tomorrow, or maybe it will.  There is not telling.  One thing I do know is that we really need more people to register as organ donors.  Last year, I set a goal to get at least 5 people to register, I believe I got 6 or 7.  This year, I am at it again.  April is actually Donate Life month, so what better time to sign up than now!  And if you do, be sure to let me know!

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