April 8, 2012

Lets Talk

Day 8 Prompt: Best conversation I had this week. Try writing script-style (or with dialogue) today to recap an awesome conversation you had this week.

Since getting diagnosed and finding out that I am going to need a liver transplant the conversations have gotten more and more depressing.  Mostly from the other side.  Not many people get my sarcasm.  Everyone expects me to be so upset about it all but I can't.  Why when there are such more fun conversations to be had.  Or ones like this

Me: Good morning sunshine
Alex: What time is it?

Me: Time to wake up and eat.
Alex: Why

Me: Because.
Alex: Why?

Me: You want some cereal?
Alex: Why?

Me: Because?
Alex: Yesh Pleeesh

Me: Here you go!
Alex: Where you buy this cereal?

Me: At Walmart.
Alex: Not HEB?

Me: Nope, Walmart.
Alex: Why?
Alex: How you buy that?
Alex: What kind is that?
Alex: Where you buy that?
Alex: Mom, what time is it?

When I say I have this conversation every morning, I mean EVERY morning.  Alexander is at that stage.  Everything turns in to a question.  He asks me a million times a day what the time is.  He wants to know where I buy everything and he loves HEB and Walmart.

I love this stage, as repetitive as it is.  But my only worry is the conversations we will eventually have about my liver.  My oldest one was easy.  He asked a few questions and thought hard about the answers he was given. He never asked me "Why".  There was some begging for me not to be sick and die... that was heart breaking. I know as soon as Alex starts asking questions, they will never stop.  I'm not looking forward to explaining that I have not gotten my liver yet because there are not enough organ donors.  Anthony has already offered his piggy bank to buy me one.  As well as offering me his own liver.  They are both so selfless and loving.  It would break their hearts.  And that is the last thing I want to do.

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