February 29, 2012

The other call


Maybe its just me but I'm going to guess that if you are on the transplant list and this number pops up on your caller ID, you might just freeze up for a second.  In my case I was sleeping one minuet and wide awake holding my breath the next.  Obviously this call wasn't THE call, but it was one that left me feeling really excited.

It was from a wonderful lady from TOSA or the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance, inviting me to a volunteer training session next weekend.  They are going to train us how to effectively share your donation or transplant story in the community.  We will get to meet staff and other patients/families. And learn more about the changes in the Organ Donation community as well as how to initiate activities that will spread awareness.

Now don't get me wrong.  I LOVE to share my story.  Online. But I don't think I am anywhere near getting up in front of a whole crowd.  But I would like to someday so David and I will be going and I'm super excited.  She sent me an outline to write my story out.  I think I will write my story out just to have it.  Who knows, I might even join in on that part.  Ill be sure to share more afterwards.  I'm guessing its going to be a pot of new information to share!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!  Much love.

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  1. Last summer we had a call from Anna's transplant clinic that had me in a cold sweat, then it turned out to be a question about paperwork. I wanted to tell them, don't play with my emotions like this!

    Your volunteer training sounds like an awesome opportunity!