January 26, 2012

Date night

Oh how I needed a night like last night.  David was given tickets to the Spurs/Hawks game and he took me along.  We have been before but these seats were SO much better.  I have to admit basketball is my least favorite sport to watch on TV.  But I love going to the games.  I love the clapping and the cheering and actually seeing the players.  They are freaking tall!  Or maybe I'm just short.  Whatever, its fun.  And if only I had gotten a photo of the look David game me when I got all giddy because Manu was there and I thought he wasn't.  Hurt hand and all, you know.  And Timmy, I love him!  What I'm trying to say here is that I had a great time.

We are hoping to take the boys back for game too.  Who knows when, but things just aren't the same when we don't get to take them.  And if we had 4 seats, we wouldn't have to worry about the guy next to me rub his hairy leg on me or the guy in front of us put his arm back and touch our drinks! Gross.  It was really cool however to see people who have season tickets talking to the others who have tickets.  Its like extended family.  People take their teams very serious.  Ladies with dyed hair.  Dress from head to toe in Silver and Black.  I love it.

I didn't get a photo of the two of us to share.  We do have one that one of the photographers took, but just can't dish out the $52 for a digital copy.  Or $18 for a print.  I really wish they would let us take our big cameras in. I'm not looking to make money of my photos, just want to have better than my point and shoot.  That's all.

I wonder if any of the players would be willing to wear a Donate Life bracelet for me during a game?  That could be a fun challenge.  Something to thing about.  Now that I have had some quality time with David doing something other than grocery shopping.  I feel refreshed and better. Especially after 2 days of Drs and needles. It was a great night for sure.  I wish we could do it more often, but Ill take what I can get :)

Happy Thursday!

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