November 4, 2011

The orange box

Day 4 of 30.  What happens after you press “publish.”

I'm going to guess its different for every one but my button is an orange box.  With the dreaded words publish written so neatly in it.  I guess dreaded isn't the right word.  As I don't so much dread sharing my thoughts with you all.  But you bet I sit here and stare at my draft for a long while before I click it.  And after I do, I go back and double check the spelling. Even though I spell check a hundred times, I always miss something.  Some days I don't even bother.  I write, hit publish and never look back.  Mostly when I am venting.  Or when my mind is over run with toxins and I'm all loopy.

I have new posts sent to Twitter and my Facebook page automatically.  Because lets face it, there is no way I would remember to anyways.  There is a few times where I have re shared my posts on Twitter because they were posted either to early or late when no one is around though.

How many times do you go over your post before hitting publish?  Have you ever hit publish and then changed your mind, and had to delete it? either ;-)

This post was written as part of NHBPM - 30 health posts 30 days:   

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