November 8, 2011

My lovely lovenox legs

*for some reason Black Eye Peas My Humps is stuck in my head now*

I started my Lovenox again on Saturday.  I have to continue them until next Saturday.  I get to take Sunday off from all my meds and them Monday I can will be getting my wisdom teeth out!  Praise the Lord!  These things are killing me!  I'm thinking I might have to move to my stomach because when I wear shorts I look like a druggie.  Seriously.  I went in to the gas station and I am pretty sure everyone was checking out my legs.  And that is in no way a good thing!   The good news is they aren't as bad as they were last time and I am only doing them for a week!  Woo hoo!  So with out further interruption, let me present to you my Lovenox legs

Lovenox legs

And yes, I know I have the legs on the opposite sides but when I did them the other way around it looked like one big mangled leg and kinda freaked me out.  I really sucked at lining them up though.  That is driving me nuts!  OCD much?!?

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