November 10, 2011

Green ribbons for all

I dream of the day when I see green ribbons everywhere I turn.  I don't mean to sound out of place, because I understand how important awareness is for other causes.  Cancer, lupus, diabetes to name a few.  But I cant say I have every seen anyone wearing an organ donation awareness shirt or hat.  I've never been asked at the store to donate a dollar to help the cause.  Our donate life walk had hundreds of people attend, but I want to
see thousands.

Right now I am a member of a few online Transplant communities.  Its amazing to see how many people there are that have had or know someone who has had a transplant.  Its amazing to hear their stories of how hard they fought to live and amazing how their gift of life has changed their lives.  But outside those groups I have never seen anything promoting awareness for us.  That needs to change.  I want to see banners on Facebook and for #Donate Life to be trending on Twitter.  I want to see our stories on the front page of MSN and yahoo.    And I want to help spread that awareness.  Through this blog and anywhere else I can.  Educating people on the importance of being organ donors is critical to us.  We could have all the money in the world for the best research and studies, but its the people, its the donors who save us.  When I say that we could not live with out them, its the straight truth.  Its people saving people.  With out more organ donors, more of us will die. Waiting.

Please visit Donate Live America and register to be an organ donor. Be a hero!

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