October 20, 2011

Wisdom? More like pain in the...

***Warning. I may or may not be whining this whole update***

I hate whining, but seriously!  Today I called my hematologist because I am going to be having my wisdom teeth taken out.  The reason I have to have the procedure cleared though him is because he is the keeper of my blood and things like my gums being cut open need to given the go ahead by him.  

When I had the mass taken out of my neck, my liver biopsy and the countless endoscopies I have had all I've had to do was stop taking my blood thinners for a few days and then resume afterwards.  Silly me,  though it would be that simple this time around.  NOT!  As soon as I heard the words "your going to have to go back" I knew what he was going to say...Lovenox. Yes, I was right. The dreaded twice daily injection.  

Lovenox and I go way back.  This is the result of my first injection way back in 2008 when I was just diagnosed.  Its crazy to go back and read entries from back then.  Looks like I will have to go back on the shots for a full week before I go in to do my wisdom teeth.  And then can go back to taking my pills afterwards.  That is as long as everything goes according to the plan.  I have to call my Transplant nurse tomorrow and make sure my liver doctors are OK with it as well.  Thankfully I have been very stable and haven't had any infections.  But there's always a risk I could get one afterwards and I've been told that when your liver isn't working properly infections spread like wildfire.  So, who knows what the clinic will add to this.  I guess we wait and see.  But I guess I've added band aids and more alcohol wipes to my grocery list.  And I need to figure out how I am going to pay for the Lovenox.  Hopefully its not still the couple hundreds dollars it was last time.  Either way, the though of doing this again makes my legs hurt.  Maybe this time Ill inject in my stomach?  (Which is where they wanted me to do it last time while I was insanely pregnant).  Doesn't sound any better does it?  Maybe not.  Anyone want to take a shot at me?

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