May 31, 2011

Weekend Trip

One of the things I am most grateful for is the energy and healthy I have right now.  Its not the best, but it could be so much worse.  I always wonder when it will be gone.  How bad it will be before it gets better.  But all I can do is make the most of each day.

So last week when I was in the middle of my fundraising freak out, David suggested a weekend trip to Austin.  Hes been there for work only and the boys and I have never been, so we pack up Saturday morning and took off.  Thanks to rewards points we got a decent hotel room, check in an set out to explore.  And I think I fell in love.  What is it about Austin that is so chill.  We parked at on of the many parks.  And walked down a few blocks to the Capital Building which was beautiful.  As was the lawn, which I think was the boys favorite part.  After scolding the boys about walking on the grass, David pointed out that everyone was doing it.  People had blankets down and were just hanging out.  And there were squirrels everywhere.  Alex must have chased everyone of them.  Anthony stuck to rolling down the hills.  And of course after an hour of exploring both boys were beyond worn out and grumpy so we called it a night.  The next day we pretty much spent at the park.  The first one was packed so we found another one and boy was it perfect.  The boys had the whole playground to themselves.  And they had a splash pad.  A little water sprinkler park that was a huge hit with my two water lovers.


It was just what I needed.  Even though the boys were not on their best behavior.  The fighting over who got to push the elevator buttons was far outweighed by their giggles as the rolled and flipped down the grass.  Or Anthony frozen because he got charged by a little squirrel.  Good times.  Good memories.  All though, I think its about time for a mom and dad getaway next :-)

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