April 27, 2011

Getting Settled

I know its been a while since anyone has heard from me.  There just seems like no time to write.  No time to tweet or play on Facebook.  My life has been taken over by moving and cleaning and unpacking and organizing.  Ugh.  Yesterday I took a half day.  Spent the morning, playing and then freaked out that I didnt do anything that night.  Like when I say im not tired only to wake up wanting more sleep.  Why do I torture myself!

But things are slowly looking up.  The house is coming together.  We still have a boatload of things at the other house, but we are getting there.  The boys are enjoying the new place.  Alex has been sleeping like crazy and Anthony seems to be less frustrated.  Just seeing their smiles and hearing them laugh makes me feel better.  This was the right choice for our family! 

I am a little bummed that I didnt get a chance to be on here much this month.  After all it is Donate Life month and there are so information to share with you.  There is always more to learn about and more to share.  I cant belive its already the 27th!

Hopefully things will slow down around here and I will have a little more time on here.  Ofcourse my computer broke so Im stuck using the laptop.  Which means no photoshop....boring!  I have a ton of pics to share with you all too!  We have a Swallows nest in our backyard with 5 day old chicks in it!  Ugliest Cutest things ever!

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