March 2, 2011

My goals for 2011

Wait…Its March already? Damn. That happened fast. I was just thinking I really need to get a move on this years to do list. A few of them are a work in progress and some I just need to stop procrastinating. And some of them, you can help me with. Yes…you:)  Anyone care to help?!?

Ok so heres my list

1. Make a blanket for The Linus Project
2. Raise $500+ for Donate Life again
3. Get my drivers licence
4. Take the boys fishing
5. Fire a gun
6. Read 10 books
7. Spend the night in a 5 start hotel
8. Write more letters to my loved ones
9. Be a vegetarian for a week
10. Find our own place
11. Donate to Locks of Love
12. Lose 20 lbs
13. Go camping
14. Get 5 people to be registered donors
15. Volunteer

My blanket is planned, Since I don’t have a sewing machine, yet, I am going to make a no sew fleece blanket. They look really easy to make, but I have heard they are time consuming. And I still have to find fleece that I like. But like I said, its planned!

We are in the process of bidding on a house. We found out on Monday that another offer was put on the house, so today is the big day. Our highest offer is in, so we are waiting and praying that it goes through. If not, I'm sure there is another one out there. But we really want this one!

Spring is coming! And Anthony is looking forward to fishing. We already found a fishing spot. He has 2 poles. Thanks Grandpa Jim! I wonder if he will share nicely with Alex? When I told David camping was on my list, he was less than thrilled. So we compromised. There are places near the river where you can rent cabins. So we will either do that, or just pop a tent by the lake and spend the whole day there and come home to sleep in our comfy beds. But now I'm hoping that we will have our own backyard soon and we can just camp out there!! Or David can get us a room at a 5 star hotel and knock out 3 of my goals in one day!

Being a vegetarian for a week will also have to wait for our own place. There is far to much bacon and tacos around here to do that now! And with that comes the losing weight thing too! I know, its an excuse, but that’s my story and I'm sticking to it!

I did find a gun range, but I'm chicken to look into it any further. And Ive decided to just get my permit over with soon, so that after my transplant when I am allowed to drive again, I will actually be legally allowed to! Oh and my hair is slowly growing. I'm dreading having long hair in the hot Texas summer, but it will be so worth it! I have to check and see how much Locks of Loves needs.

So that leaves my 5K fundraiser, reading 10 books, encouraging 5 people to register as organ donors and volunteering. So that’s what I need help with. I’m pretty sure I know where I want to volunteer, but it might have to wait till summer time so I can bring my little sister along! And if you aren’t already an organ donor, please sign up here at Donate Life America  and let me know you did. It only takes a few minuets and will save lives!  After you sign up, some back here, let me know and Ill send you something!!  Ill start raising money for teh Donate life 5K as soon as I can and all that’s left is to find some good books to read! Easy Peasy. Its going to be a great year!

Much Love!

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