March 17, 2011

The little things

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone. I hope you ha e your green on:)

We aren't Irish. Well not that I know of anyways. But its one of those extra holidays that is just way to fun to pass by. I spent the past couple of weeks talking about leprechauns and their pots of gold. Anthony thought I was just being sill but today, he is a from believer. See, he decided he was going to catch one if they really did come to the house. So last night before bed, he placed his trap. Quite clever if you ask me. He turned a laundry basket upside down, propped it up with a book and placed a plate of (toy) spaghetti as bait.

As we were getting ready for bed, we hear a crash. The trap worked...on our chihuahua! So we let him out and reset it. Hugs and kisses, lights out and everyone was sleeping. Little did we know that, while we were dreaming those sneaky little leprechauns snuck in. We must have caught one, because the book had fallen and the basket was all the way down. So I woke the boys up to go and check. Don't you know, those sneaky little guys stole our spaghetti, but the left a big old pile of gold coins! Anthony face was priceless. As he peeked through the holes trying to figure out what was in there.

I didn't get to do all that I had planned for the day. I have a headache that has me down for the count. But the boys are out back with their grandparents and I can still hear Anthony talking about the "lefercan" that he almost caught. It's the little things like that make life so amazing.
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