December 24, 2010

Absence make the heart grow...

I know they say fonder, but it just makes mine lonely.

The boys went with their grandparents for a two night visit to family. 6 hours away! I was so exited for them! And a little nervous too. My oldest is 5 and still has some separation anxiety. And the baby still nurses at night. He's almost 2 and its only for comfort. I knew they would be fine.

I used this as a test to see how well they did with out me. I'm always worried that without me their lives will be put on hold. Not because I think I'm so fabulous, but because I'm their mom and I'm supposed to be here for them always. But in my case, its just not possible. So in the anticipation of the many hospital stays in my future, I sent them on their way.

David had to work the first two days, so here I was...alone. I took a shower with out anyone banging on the door. I also sung like a dying chicken in said shower. Why not, there was no one to hear me right?! I ate with out having to give bites to boys who said they weren't hungry but were starving as soon as I sat down to eat. And I talked to both of my sisters. Without distractions. For 6 hours straight! Both days:)

Tuesday night I wasn't feeling well so David bought me the new Twilight movie and I camped out in bed with my feet propped up They were swollen.  Wednesday night we rented 3 movies. I only managed to stay awake for 1!  But I slept so good that night! Come Thursday, I was missing them so bad my stomach was in knots. I missed the way the baby yells for me and the random hugs Anthony gives me. And strangely enough I missed the craziness of my life with them. It was boring and lonely.  A little time apart was just what I needed to refocus on the good, accept the not so good and spend some much needed alone time with my husband!

Today is Christmas Eve. I'm beyond excited to spend some time with all of my guys today! I've been up since 6 am and they are all sleeping...

**I wish you all the Merriest Christmas!  I hope you are all surrounded by family and friends!  Please say a prayer for those who aren't able to be with theirs.  My brother and his family who is spending yet another holiday apart. We miss you Leon and are so very proud of you!**

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