November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

As much as I love Halloween, I'm so glad its over.  Because I LOVE Thanksgivings Day so much more:) 

I hope you all had a safe and spooky Halloween.  We sure did.  We only went around the block and came home with more than enough candy.  Anthony was thrilled to run into a few of his class mates along the way.  And surprisingly there were not tears over all the scary costumes.  Alexander was not in the mood to have his picture taken.  And Ant could barely contain his sugar high long enough to get more than a few shots.

Today Pumpkin carving is my favorite part of Halloween.  This year we had 6.  Everyone loved them, but were shocked we carved them.  Do people not do this anymore?  I only saw a few others on our walk.  Sad. David and I decided next year I will offer to carve pumpkins for people who don't have the time!  could be a nice little money pot:) 

Only the boys dressed up this year.  Anthony didn't want to wear a mask so he was a Boxer.  People got a kick out of his black eye.  One lady though it was real.  Alex was a monkey.  The 2 other costumes we wanted were sold out, so we got this one.  Cute but confusing to some.  Oh well, theres always next year right? 

Here are a few shots of the night!  Much love!



Stop by KSW and share your costumes and join the parade:)


  1. WOW!!!

    such great pictures. you have gorgeous children!

    stopping by from the costume parade. have a super week!

    can ya believe it's november?

    yikes. ;)

  2. Kim, your boys are A-DOR-ABLE!! Love the boxer and the monkey costumes and your photos skills continue to amaze me. Taking a look at your pumpkins, those skills amaze me to. I'm so glad you shared these with me, makes me feel like I know you that much more. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before we get to meet in person :)

  3. I love the costumes! The shiner is so good that I thought it was real at first. What cute boys! :)