January 2, 2010

Not quite resolutions...

Last year was like a train wreck. This year, I will be putting everything back together. So instead of making a bunch of big resolutions, I figured I would write out {small} goals for the many parts of my life that need some love.

1. Take my meds, all of them, on time. And make sure I dont run out.
2. Get dressed every day in something other than my Pj's
3. Dust of my camera, take more pictures and even be in some!
4. Go to sleep earlier.  Or atleast try to!
5. Journal.  Blog.  Write.  I used to do this everyday.

The boys:
1. Spend more time playing together as a family, mostly outdoors
2. Get on a normal and regular sleep schedule. And in thier own beds:)
3. Eat healtier. They dont eat horrible, but it could be better
4. Make friends. We are a shy family.

My Marriage:
1. Get out more, alone. And not feel guilty about it.
2. Find time everyday to talk about what ever needs talking about
3. Be more patient with one another.
4. Loosen up and joke more. Laugh together!

I do have some bigger goal that Id like to reach this year too. This year I will learn how to drive. Yes people I do not drive. Nor do I really want to learn, but I have to. I will also find a way to help with finances. Afterall, even though I didnt ask to be sick, the bills are almost all mine!

And my dream goal of the year, is to get our own place. Somewhere all our own, where we can do what ever we want to do and the boys can just be free to be boys. Hey a girl can dream right :)

So there you go, my goals for the year. I think they are all for the most part pretty easy.

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