November 12, 2009

Yet another Dr

Today I was referred to a surgeon. My hematologist says that the best option for me would be to take the mass out and then biopsy it then. As opposed to just taking a biopsy and then deciding to take it out later. But he did say that he didn't think it was cancer. But again the only way to be 100% is to take the thing out.

So now I am waiting on a call from the surgeon to see when we can get this show on the road. If I could have a lump free Thanksgivings, I'm game! I will have to stop taking my coumadin, which scares me. When I forget to take it I am always afraid I will get a clot. Not having to remember to take them though, will be a nice change. But if I am off of them Thanksgivings week, then I will really have to stick to my diet. If you can call it that. Nothing green. Stuffing is out. And as long as MIL doesn't put any on the turkey, I can have that. And mash potatoes, which I could really care less for, but beggars cant be choosers! Maybe I will make sweet potatoes. Deviled eggs?? Never mind, that would be to much mayo for me. At least I can have cranberry sauce and pies. Thank God for that!

Getting my mind off of food. My INR is at 2.3, not to bad. I was expecting it to be higher because I'm bruising. But I guess not! Either way, that's good enough for me!

Until next time :)

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