August 15, 2009

The waiting game

It seems I am always waiting for something. Right now I am waiting for Thursday to roll around. I have a Mri scheduled. And ofcourse waiting for the results is never fun. I doubt I will get thoes until the 1st when I go back to see my Transplant Dr.

I see my hematologist in 2 weeks again. My labs have all been good. That I know of anyways. No brusing or any other issues, so Im hoping things are right where they need to be.

Last night I was sure my liver was in labor! Moms know that pain. The way your uterus would ball up and hurt like hell. Imagine that pain, just higher up. It would take my breath away. But after awhile the pain was ignorable, and I got some sleep. Being unable to go up and down the stairs without feeling passing out would be wonderful. Im just so uncomfortable. But I just keep telling myself it could be worse. I could be sick in the hospital, half dead and waiting on a liver. But instead I am just trying to be as healthy as I can. As as much as I am thankful for my health, the only way to really get better is to get sicker and thats what Drs say we are waiting for....its a cruel world!

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