April 4, 2022

Menu Plan 4•4

Prices aren't just going up at the pump.  They are going up at the grocery stores too!  Anyone else notice it?  You would think with one less adult around my bill would go down but no such luck.  I guess the fact that I now have two teenage boys with bougie tastes has something to do with it too.  I tried my best to make sure they have a diverse palate and now they think we can afford to eat like kings every day!

Im kidding. Sorta.  They do love them some good food.  If they could have it their way we would have an endless supply of sushi grade tuna, crab legs, steaks and exotic meat.  And lumpia.  Alex asked for me to roll some up this week and I had to say no.  Im starting a 4 week program that focuses on gut health and so its 4 weeks of eliminating triggers and focusing on eating mostly veggies.  I figured deep fried lumpia wouldn't not be approved.  I will make them for him once I feel like I can control myself and not eat them too.  I cant imagine week one would be a good week for it. 

Menu Plan Monday

I was worried that this new "diet" would be hard to figure out because I had to make sure that everything was kid friendly and tweak-able to our families needs.  Turns out its actually going to be a lot easier than I thought.  Mostly its about measuring portions.  Thankfully we are used to eating lots of veggies.  I almost worry I won't be able to eat all the portions Im supposed to.  We will see.  Anyways, come check out this weeks menu!

Everything Bagel Salmon • This was an easy pick.  Salmon is always a win in my book.  Im pretty new to the everything bagel seasoning though so Im excited for this.  I like it on my cream cheese stuffed peppers, but dairy is out this month, so...salmon it is! And its a recipe from the program so I know Im all set.

Mississippi Pot Roast This is our red meat for the week.  And its also a dairy free recipe.  I know most call for ranch packets.  I don't do a lot of seasoning mixes, so this one is right up my alley.  It uses a handful of spices and is made in the instant pot for a double win!

Air Fried Naked Tenders Gluten is also out, so I was excited to find a recipe for naked (un breaded) tenders. It calls for 3 ingredients and says it should take about 30 minutes to be on the table.  Sounds perfect to me.  I just realized I didn't buy a chicken rub, so I will have to make my own.  So more than 3 ingredients after all but hopefully just as good!

Lemon Pepper Turkey • This one is a tried and true recipe.  Ground turkey, lemon and pepper.  Its that easy.  And brown rice is allowed in this program so I am super excited.  David and I have been opting for cauliflower rice lately and the boys enjoy it too.  But they also LOVE my brown rice.  I mix it up with some sautéed veggies.  So good! 

Chicken Stir Fry Stir fry is one of the easiest ways to get lots of veggies in.  I had to find a simple sauce that was ok for the program.  This one is 21 day fix approved so I think it should be ok.  If not, I will figure it out.  Good news is most stir fry sauces are all pretty easy to tweak.

Sashimi Night • Again.  These boys love them some raw fish.  And Im not going to tell them no.  It reminds me of my own childhood.  Its our culture.  We bring a bowl of fish to table the rice pot. Alex prefers a fork.  But Anthony embraces his islander roots and goes right in with his hands.  I will be letting them enjoy this one on their own.  No dairy or white rice for me.  I think I will throw together some tofu and veggies. YUM!

Can you guess what we are having tonight?  The boys want to get straight to the sashimi.  Works for me.  I don't have any other days planned out.  I will probably save the stir fry and lemon pepper turkey for the nights David is home for dinner.  He isn't big on roasts, but I bed he will like this one!  Fingers crossed!

Menu Plan Monday

Im already working on next weeks menu.  So far Alex is down for some homemade teriyaki BBQ.  Im sure lumpia will be requested again.  Maybe I can just have mine unrolled... like egg roll in a bowl style?!

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  

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