March 28, 2022

Menu Plan 3•28

Last weeks menu was a good one.  The boys made some good picks.  This week is looking to be just as tasty too.  On Friday David and I offered to take the boys out to eat anywhere they wanted.  And much to my surprise they were determined to stick to the menu plan.  They were non going to miss out on these spicy salmon maki bowls for anything.  I suppose I should be happy that they prefer a home cooked meal to eating out.  And thankful that its a pretty easy dinner to throw together.

Menu Plan Monday

Everything this week is pretty easy as well.  The goal is to be prepared this week and have dinner ready by the time we get back from school or at least before 5.  We did eat a little later than usual last week.  But thats ok.  We are starting fresh this week.  Check out this weeks menu!

Thai Turkey Lettuce Wraps • These got carried over from last week since we ended up having leftovers one night.  I think I'll make these tonight so the lettuce doesn't go bad on me.  I hate throwing out food.

Broccoli Chicken and CauliFried Rice • This one is a comfort food.  Made with a handful of ingredients that we always have on hand.  It takes a little effort but packs big time flavor.  Cauliflower rice makes it much lighter too.  And with the sauce, you can't even tell it isn't regular white rice.  

Tuna Melt Bell Peppers • Never in my mind would I have thought to use greek yogurt instead of mayo in tuna salad.  This is a recipe from the BB nutritionist that I discovered a while back.  Made it for David and I for lunch one day.  The boys tried the leftovers and now they are always asking about the tuna salad with the carrots in it.  Stuffed in colorful bell peppers and topped with cheese, mmm, so good!

Baked Chicken and Ratatouille Salad Im most excited about the salad. Its a mix of delicious grilled veggies over a slice of toasted garlic sourdough.  I eat it just like that but figured the boys would appreciate a little meat with it as well. I can't wait!

Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil This is my quickest and easies dinner.  The most time consuming thing is par boiling the potatoes.  That is if, I add them at all.  The boys are more about the shrimp and corn anyways.  

Chicken Tetrazzini and Salads • Anthony asked for the Chicken Tetrazzini when I was asking for ideas, but then he asked me today if we could save that for the weekend, because hes got a busy week and between the pasta and the heavy cream, he didn't want to feel all weighed down and bloated. Alex agreed that heavy dinners were better for the weekends. I about fell over. 

Menu Plan Monday

Looks like we are all learning and paying attention to what foods make us feel good and what makes us feel not so good. My goal has always been to give them healthy options but let them choose dinners as well.  Sometimes they would ask for frozen fishsticks and boxed mac and cheese. Not that that there is anything wrong with these options but I always leaned away from the more processed foods. I didn't ever want to restrict them or not let them ever have certain things just because I said so. I wanted them to have a choice in what they eat.  I grew up being told not to eat this or drink that and it only made me want them more. I wanted to teach the boys to make better food choices and encourage a healthy relationship with food! And this felt like a win.

So thats whats cooking in our kitchen this week.  Whats cooking in yours?


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