October 11, 2021

Menu Plan 10•11

And just like that the weekend is over and we starting a new week!  Ive been having mixed feelings about Mondays.  Part of me wishes the weekend was just a day longer and the other part of me is excited to get things done.  I'll have to admit that I have had more bad days than good days so Mondays have been feeling like a fresh start to a week I just know isn't going to go as well as I want.  Now, Im usually a super optimistic person but holy hell I have been slipping lately.  And so begins the fun of getting my life together...again.  I am a work in progress y'all.  Don't judge!

Menu Plan Monday

So what else would I start with besides food.  Last week was kind of a train wreck and I threw this weeks menu together in 15 minutes at like 1am Friday night.  So needless to say its not the best, or the worst, but I will need to throw in some veggies and fruit.  As of right now I have no appointments this week but that will most likely change. So the dinners might too.  But for now heres what I have.

Tuesday •  Arroz con Carne

Wednesday •  Egg Roll in a Bowl

Thursday •  Sausage Rice and Corn

Friday •  Leftovers

This is what I will be having through out the week.

Cobb Salad minus the chicken and dressing

Roasted veggies and Tofu salads

Spaghetti Squash Stir Fry

I have a mad craving for mushrooms, but not the usual mushrooms from the grocery store so I might have to stop at the farmers market this Thursday.  They have a Mushroom Farmer Stand that Im dying to check out.  And its just down the block so I don't know why we haven't been yet.  Probably because we all know I will want all the things.  Fingers crossed we will make it this week. 

I was filling out my planner for the week and I set three goals.  

Eat better.


Work on mindset

Last week I had an MRI on Friday and I don't know what it was but I was sick to my stomach the rest of the day until Sunday.  So I didn't get my walks and workouts in.  This week I will catch up and get my workouts in.  In the morning.  Because if I say Im going to do it in the afternoon or night, I don't want to eat all day so I don't workout with food in my stomach.  And then I struggle to give it my best because I have nothing in my tank.  So Im on my way to the 5am club.  Or maybe 6!  Just keeping it real. That will have me wrapping things up about the time Anthony comes downstairs in the morning. That also means I have to go to be earlier but let’s not go there today.  Its kind of a touchy subject for me.  Im working on that too, don't worry!

Menu Plan Monday

So, whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  What is your favorite food group?  Are you a meat kinda person or do you prefer the veggies?  I ate way to much meat the last few weeks so Im trying to get back to veggies most.  Trying.  Always trying.

Heres to a great week!  Happy Monday!  

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