September 20, 2021

Menu Plan 9•20

I joke about how David and my menu plan are the two only things I can commit to in life.  But I have a small confession, I have cheated on my menu plan one to many times the last few months and it is time to get my self right with Cheesus. Y'all its hard.  I guess David is my only commitment after all.  Not that hes complaining.  HA!   I really do love that man!  But today let's talk about food!

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

But its a new week.  And here I am with yet another menu plan that hopefully will go as planned.  The guys picked out their dinners.  I added a few in for me.  I also plan on eating a few dinners with them by swapping out a few things.  This seems to be the easiest way to make make things work.  I have always said I will not be a short order cook.  I make one meal at dinner not something for everyone.  And here I am making my own separate dinners.  Le Sigh.  Trying to make it all work has been a struggle.  And if I don't make something for myself, I just end up not eating.  And then when we are getting in bed, David will be like "Wait, what did you eat for dinner?"  And I pretend to be sleeping but it never works.  So.  This week I will eat dinner all week and I will be tracking my food as well. 

Here is what they guys picked.

MONDAY • Fiesta Lime Shrimp Bowls

TUESDAY • Carne Guisada, Rice and Beans

WEDNESDAY • Pork Tenderloin, Roasted Potatoes and Salads

THURSDAY • Crispy Buffalo Chicken Salad

FRIDAY • Loco Mocos

As for me, there is no way Im missing out on the shrimp, but I will make a stir fry for myself on Tuesday when they have beef.  On Wednesday I am going to make this Mushroom Cauliflower Skillet and add Quinoa to it.  I will see if they want to have it as a side but it will be my main dish.  Thursday and Friday I will join them for dinner, with modifications.  I will have beans instead of chicken in my salad and I will have an Impossible Burger patty instead of the beef patties I will make them. Also going to have some poke with it so I know the boys will be super excited about that. 

See, slight modifications for myself.  Its so much easier than trying to make double the amount of food.  Or eating the same thing, 3 or 4 nights a week. I probably should have done this from the beginning, but we all know I like to make things hard for myself.  I'll admit it.  

Menu Plan Monday

Ok.  Now I have a question!  A few days ago I asked on Instagram if people menu planned and NO won.  I was seriously blown away.  Because how do y'all do it?  If you don't menu plan, what do you buy?  How many times do you go to the store?  Do you decide what you are making right before you make it?  Does cooking dinner stress you out?  

I have so much anxiety over groceries.  And I can't leave the house without a little planning ahead and having a ride.  Maybe thats it.  But I know if I went to the store every day, I would spend a crap ton more on food that I do now.  And if I just bought a bunch of stuff randomly, no, Im to particular about what I serve with what so that wouldn't work either.  I really honestly want to know.  

Heres to a great week full of good food and people to share it with!  Happy Monday!

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