January 4, 2021

Menu Plan 1•4•20

I have gone back and forth on my menu plan.  Not so much what was on the menu but if I was going to continue sharing it here or not.  I feel like it was pretty much all I shared last year.  Menu after menu.  Does it get old?  Does it matter?  Its something I pretty much do to keep myself accountable.  And I like sharing them incase anyone else needs ideas.  Plus I kinda just like talking about food with anyone who will talk to me about food.  Food is life!

Meny Plan Monday

So here I am, kicking off the week with another menu plan.  

The Guys are having a little big of everything this week.  I decided that since the grill is out, I might as well get some use out of it.  One of the perks of living in South Texas.  Grilling in January.  And Im bringing out the Instant Pot this week too.  Im determined to use it for something other than ribs. 

Their Menu 

Spaghetti Night
Grilled Chicken Tacos
Teriyaki Sriracha Chicken
Leftover Night

I don't have a recipe for the Chicken Tacos, because Im using pre seasoned meat from the grocery store.  Sometimes I marinate my own and sometimes I don't.  I usually like having a little more control over it but for the first week back to school after 2 weeks off, Ill take the help.  And the Teriyaki Sriracha is going to be a bit of an experiment.  I suggested teriyaki, Anthony asked for more spice.  So if its good, I will have to share the final result.  As for spaghetti night, I would love to get back to making my own sauce, but like I said, Im all for a quick and easy night so jar sauce it is.  No judgement here.  

Im looking forward to my menu for the week.  I kinda went off the food deep end the past two weeks.  The holidays are always crazy.  Its not that I ate to much, I just ate a few things I shouldn't have.  And I swapped out a few workouts out for some lighter exercise, but Im not going to beat myself up over it. Im ok with a few treat days during the holidays!  I never thought I would be a yoga and meditation kinda girl though, but Im so here for all of it!  

My Menu

Grilled Veggie and Bean Salad
Teriyaki Sriracha Tofu

Its time I really get back on track with my food.  Over the weekend I finally got my hands on some short ribs.  I have been thinking about them since July.  No joke.  During a family FaceTime, I watched my brothers and sister cook theirs up and have been drooling since.  Denying myself of something only makes me make more bad choices. After I cooked them, I had two small ribs and called it good. There are leftovers in the fridge but I had my two and Im done.  I should have listened to my body earlier.  Now I know better.  I will be starting a new program at some point this week or the next. Im hoping to get my equipment today so I can start with the rest of my group.  Just waiting on you...FedEx!

Menu Plan Monday

Anyways!  Let's talk food!  Whats on your menu this week?  Do you follow a nutrition plan/diet?  Did you set food goals for 2021?  Let me know below.  I can' the only one who likes to talk about this stuff!  Or am I?

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