January 25, 2021

Menu Plan 1•25•21

And just like that, its the last week of January!  Anyone else starting the year off without a bang?  Life has been suspiciously slow around here and as much as Im here for it, Im kinda peeking around corners incase something is gonna jump out and get me.  Ive enjoyed the slower start but its looking like its time to focus and get it together.  And the first step will be getting this week off to without a hitch.  And in the spirit of Mondays, my menu is ready to go.

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

Every week I say Im going to be better at having my grocery list done.  Yeah, that, again this week.  I put my order in on Saturday night around 1am.  Its the latest I have been awake all month and by the end of it I was kinda just clicking and adding things to my list.  But Id like to think the result is a menu that everyone can be happy with.  They get carbs and I get a meatless meal we can all enjoy together.  Heres what I ended up with...


Tuna Subs 

Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken 

Monster Meatloaf

Leftover night

Spicy Bean and Corn Quesadillas 


Garbanzo Dal

Super Grain Salads

Spicy Bean and Corn Quesadillas 

Im keeping it pretty comfy and close to home this week.  I think the most adventurous meal is going to be the teriyaki chicken and the only think new about that is that Ive never made it in the IP before.  I ended up throwing a little bit of everything in the vegetable section of HEB, so every night there will be lots of veggies.  The Monster Meatloaf is one of the guys favorites.  They will eat it cold right out of the fridge or in a sandwich.  And its a win for me because I get to sneak in some veggies and oats.

Im super excited that the guys entertain my idea of a Meatless Friday.  I know its supposed to be Mondays, but David usually takes leftovers for lunches and while we keep it pretty light for lunch, he needs a little bit more of a filling lunch than beans and corn.  Carnivores, they are carnivores.

The Dal is a pre made mix that just needs warming.  Im trying to find a few "short cut meals" for me on nights when I just didn't feel like cooking two separate meals from fridge to table. I actually didn't even look at the nutrition facts and because it is packaged the sodium level will be through the roof, so I will have it over a salad or a little bit of rice with veggies most.  I am a sucker for colorful food. I swear food just tastes better when it is pretty.  Just me?

Menu Plan Monday

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  Any other vegetarians have favorite meals or tips for me as I navigate this less meat journey?  How do you meat lovers feel about meatless meals?  Could you survive or is it a must at every meal?

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