November 9, 2020

Menu Plan 11•9•20

Mondays!  Am I right?  Its kind of crazy to think that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  And then before we know it...Christmas.  Le sigh.  Maybe that is a little to heavy to talk about today.  I guess I'll stick to my usual Monday topic.  Food.

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

The whole, send the guys pictures and let them pick dinners has become my new favorite thing.  Mostly because my teenager picks like I would.  If it looks good, let's try it.  Im so glad all these guys really, have such a good sense of adventure when it comes to what we eat.  They will try just about anything once.  They will finish their plates, even if it isn't the greatest.  And they are brutally honest when they give their food critiques.  Better than I am at at taking them without getting butt hurt. This week everything should be two thumbs up.  We are trying three new recipes that are twists of some of our favorites, so it will be interesting.  Here is what is on the menu this week.


Instant Pot Ribs
French Onion Salisbury Steaks 
Steak Salads
BBQ Chicken Pizzas


Stir Fried Veggies Bowls
Broccoli and Sweet Potato Salad

Ok so some explanations about the lumpia.  Right off the bat.  Yes, I am making it again.  twice in two weeks.  BUT.  Alex is getting his braces on next week and he wanted to have them one last time.  So that was his only contribution to the menu.  Anthony picked pretty much everything else and David agreed with him.   I didn't think he would go for the steak salads or the BBQ pizza but he says hes game and I have all my groceries so its all locked in.  

All the veggies salad

I have slowly built up my collection of vegetarian friendly staples so I kind of just look at what I have at home already and what veggies the guys need and throw my menu together with all that.  I have a few peppers that I need to use up so I will stir fry those with some leftover broccoli and throw it all on some cauliflower rice.  I have a sweet potato and an acorn squash that I need to use up so I will make some quinoa one night and call it a carb night.  I was thinking about maybe a BBQ tofu salad or maybe another sushi bowl.  Yall, I am actually excited about finally liking tofu.  Let's hope I don't wear it out.  

So, whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  Have you planned your menu yet?  No?  Whatcha waiting for.  Take a few minutes to knock it out and save yourself some stress though the week!  

Happy Monday Y'all!

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