October 12, 2020

Menu Plan 10•12•20

Oh Monday!  I have all the sighs this morning.  Day one of early wake ups.  I am determined to add earlier mornings to my life so that I can get into bed earlier too.  But Mondays are hard.  I did wake up, make the bed and have coffee before David checked in though so thats a start.  I set my daily intentions and journaled before the sun came up.  I got the boys fed and set up for school.  And I have a few minutes before I have to check on them again.  But first, I need to lock in this weeks menu.

Hope Whispers Menu Monday

The guys have a pretty good week coming up.  I do too. Now all I have to do is make sure I make time to cook up my planned meals.  I might end up getting them cooked ahead of time so that I stick to it.  I need to branch out a little bit and add some new recipes in.  This week things are kinda comfortable.  And we they aren't doing a meatless Monday meal, because, omg I live with a bunch of carnivores!  Its gonna be a tasty week.


Quesadillas, rice and beans.

Roasted chicken and veggies.

Hellmans chicken and salads.

Lemon chicken and zoodles.

Baked ziti and veggies.


Veggie quesadillas

Roasted broccoli and quinoa salad.

Grilled eggplant

Mediterranean chickpea salad    

Lentil curry and cauliflower rice

So, when I was doing my curbside grocery order I got done and then realized I didn't even add anything to to the cart for meals for me.  I had to go back through and look at what I had at home and what I could get, because I was totally winging it until I just wrote it out.  I do need some coconut milk but I had everything else either in my cart or at home.  I need to be better at planning my meals.  And following through.  There was more than one day last week where I went to bed only to realize I never ate dinner.  I need to be better to myself too.  

I hope everyone had an amazing and safe weekend.  No one was really motivated to do much here so we mostly just hung out together at home. And inside because it was HOT.  Thanks Texas!  Where is the Fall weather?

Menu Plan Monday

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  What are some of your favorite fall dinners?  Im collecting ideas for when it does actually cool off a little bit around here!

Heres to a quick and gentle week!

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