August 17, 2020

Menu Monday 8•17•20

Monday. 8:00am. Just took my first sip of coffee.  Full sentences...coming soon.

8:07 am. David just walked in and told me the lawnmower broke.  Like BROKE broke.  I looked at it and the screw that holds the blade broke off in the shaft.  Its over 10 years old.  And heavy.  I want and electric one anyways.  Sent him next door for the neighbors because he was actually up and ready to go.  No sense in not doing it right?  Like I said.  Mondays!  Le sigh.

Its the last week of Summer Break and we are getting back into a routine.   Early mornings and early-ish nights. 

8:47 am.  Anthonys Endocrinologist called.  Hes doing great.  And she is so excited to hopefully see him in the office for his next visit.  Upping his growth hormones again.   Hes still not quite on the growth curve yet but headed in the right direction.  SO excited for him.  

Menu Plan

Had to run out and help David but now I really need to get this weeks menu written out and posted.  Trying to keep as normal of a routine with him home.  But its so easy to get distracted. Focus Kim!
Here is this weeks menu.

Beef and Broccoli

Chicken and Broccoli

Spaghetti Night

Oven Fried Chicken 

Green Chili Enchiladas

Menu Plan Monday

Its been so much easier trying to menu plan now that I know I am making separate meals for myself.  I may or may not have a few bites of Salmon when they have that.  I haven't noticed much of a mental change when I eat fish as long as I eat only a small amount.  But since my last scare I have been terrified to even eat that.  Guess I could give it a try.  Take away my "land meat" but not my seafood! 

I am making myself  this Roasted Broccoli Quinoa Salad.  I have a fridge full of veggies so I will get a little creative.  I know I have some small peppers Id like to stuff and cut up for salads or veggie tacos.  Or maybe a Mediterranean salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and red onions? I even have chickpeas stocked up. There are so many choices.  

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  If anyone has any meatless meals that you love, let a girl know!  I know a variety will keep me from getting bored!  

I hope everyone has an amazing week!!  Happy Monday Y'all!

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