July 6, 2020

Menu Plan 7•6•20

Happy Monday Y'all!

Im awake! And praying this week is much more uneventful than the last, because last week was out of this world.  This week is going to be all about catching up on life and relaxing.  I didn't get anything done last week.  Its a wonder I managed to feed everyone.  

Speaking of food, this weeks menu is planned so thats a start!  I was lucky enough to actually get a few suggestions when I asked the guys if there was anything they wanted.  So that helped, but when we were putting away groceries you could see how distracted I was ordering it all because I got 2 of everything.  I really need to stop rushing my order in at the last minute.  Good news is that a crap ton of food isn't a problem when you have 2 growing boys that eat EVERYTHING.  And I was still under budget, so...win?!  

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

Here is this weeks menu

Thai Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Oven Fried Chicken Wings 

Sloppy Joes

Baked Ham

Arroz con Pollo

Thai Lettuce Wraps

The boys love the Thai lettuce wraps.  I might have to send David to HEB to get the "special" lettuce because the leaves are the best for wraps I have found so far.  Well I guess they are more like boats but they are good!  The first time we made them, I got 3 heads of butter lettuce and could have used a fourth.  Romain is cheaper for sure!  They weren't available online so Im hoping the store still has some.   The wraps are so easy and simple to make.  Ill have to share the recipe soon.

Homemade Sloppy Joes get 3 stars our of 4 around here.  Alex is the one star that doesn't care for them.  He will eat them, but reminds me every time I make them, that they are not his favorite.  But I make them every so often and he grumps less every time too.  Im making Arroz con Pollo this week too to make up for it though.  Thats his suggestion every week. 

The ham and wings are all about comfort.  Plus ham sandwiches for lunch too.  And the wings well, those are just because I have a hankering for Wing Stop but don't want to shell out my life savings.  So much cheaper to just make them at home.  And in the oven because, fried food is not my friend.  

What is on your menu this week?  Let me know below!

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