July 27, 2020

Menu Plan 7•27•20

Oh Mondays.  I meant to write this post up last night.  Then I said this morning.  But my morning went to crap and I had to go to an appointment.  Then the rest of the day happened.  Now I am sitting here at almost 11 pm finally finishing up some writing. Starting with whats cooking tonight.

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

We tried a new spice rub and mop sauce on some ribs tonight and they were actually really good.  Flavor wise.  A little chewy but so goes the learning process of my teenager who has been handling the grilling for me lately.  Before he fell asleep David asked me what was for dinner tomorrow.  I had to come look at my unfinished post to see what his options were.  Enchiladas and the works for his 40th Birthday.  That was my original plan but I forgot.  Here is what else is on the menu...

Grilled Pork Chops

Lemon Pepper Turkey

Grilled Country Ribs

Chicken Enchiladas

So Im gonna be completely honest here.  I don't know how the heck Im going to cook the pork chops.  I just said grilled because I have enjoyed grilling with Anthony.  But it was crazy hot outside today so there is a chance I might end up just baking them inside.  

I hate when I get lost in a fog of Hepatic Encephalopathy.  It is a struggle to focus and when I do things like cook, it takes everything in me to do it safely.  That is why I have been getting help.  Have I mentioned that having a teenager has been amazing!  God I love that kid.  Alex too.  Im a lucky girl.  

I should probably just stop here.  I have a post I have to send off and I need to read it though again to make sure it makes any sense.  The struggle is real.  If I wasn't about to fall asleep I would take my lactulose.  Man my head is foggy.  Part of me wants to say sorry for being a little all over the place.  The other part of me wants to say "welcome to my life!"  I swear I'm trying to keep it together here!

Happy Monday ( almost Tuesday) everyone. 

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