April 27, 2020

Menu Plan 4•27•20

Well hey there Monday!  Who else is ready for the week?  Ok.  I am not a hundred percent ready, but as quarantine standards go, Im totally winging it all set.  Who's with me?

Its going to be another fun week at Casa Munoz.  Filled with boys doing homework,  Me going back to the kitchen and David doing the whole work thing.  There will also be one tele-health visit from the awesome Endocrinologist.  Yard work did not get done over the weekend because we are slackers, so that needs to be done at some point.  And I need to do a serious cleaning of the garage, which means I have to fix the shed first... so, yeah.  But I also have a few books I want to get though this week too.  Did I mention that Im just winging it?

I do have a plan.  If a menu plan count.  Im pretty sure it counts!  Whats better is that we are set on food.  No problems finding what we needed this week.  A sign that things are settling down for sure.  There is talk about cities re opening.  Im ready for it to happen but not that ready.  Anthony was telling me his friends went to the beach over the weekend.  Yeah, Im dying to go to the beach but I'm not trying to die by going to the beach.  There will be time for that in a few more weeks.  When will it feel safe to go out and be carefree again?

For now, Im just gonna be here.  Hanging out with my boys and cooking.  Because two growing boys that are home ALL day, eat ALL the things and I am and not out back, I am in the kitchen.  Here is our dinner menu for the week.

Monday:  Weekend Leftovers

Tuesday:  Turkey Fried Rice

Wednesday:  Chicken Parmesan Casserole and Salads

Thursday:  Beef and Broccoli

Friday:  Roasted Chicken and Veggies

Saturday:  Grilled something or other.

Sunday:  Chicken Pot Pie (made from Fridays leftovers)

Beef and Broccoli
Beef and Broccoli is always a win!

I have been blessed with good eaters.  Not only will they try anything and like almost everything, they get down with leftovers.  Only meat leftover from the night before?  No problem, they will have it with eggs and call it breakfast or in a sandwich and call it lunch.  They are great about figuring out what they want and sometimes all I have to do is supervise.  Love it.  I did get some cereal, oats and yogurt too so they are all set.

Did everyone have a good weekend?  What do your quarantine weekends look like?  How are you passing time?  We got our grocery shopping done and picked up on Friday, so Saturday and Sunday were all for relaxing and making future plans.  David made dinner Saturday and Sunday and man is it nice having someone else cook for you.  Tonight we are having the last of the leftover ribs and salad.  Well the boys are, I have already hit my red meat limit for the week so I'll probably throw some salmon in the air fryer or just have a shake.
Ok enough about me, let's talk about whats on your menu for the week?  Or what you want to put on your menu this week?  Let me know below.

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