April 20, 2020

Menu Monday 4•20•20

Happy Monday everyone.  Who is ready for a new week?  Who is still dragging from the weekend?  I am right in the middle this morning.  Well, its past lunch time now but it was morning when I sat down to write this and this is as far as I got before I was out of alone time.  I gotta get back to waking up earlier.  Or going to bed earlier, if you ask David.  Hes right I need to do that too!

Menu Plan

I woke up this morning, turned on Koopa's light and laid back down for another hour.  The struggle is real.  And then I got up to make a coffee and realized I only had one scoop of collagen powder left.  Alex is super spicy this morning and Anthony is the poster child for all things teen angst, which is why five hours later, Ive only gotten this far.  They have both finished their work for the morning, and cleaned their rooms and showered!  Im not sure anything else will get done today.  I take that back, my menu is done.  Laundry on the other hand... le sigh.  Lets just not look at that and focus on the menu!

Beef and Bean Tostadas

Chicken Rollups

Pork Chops and Potatoes

Lemon Pepper Turkey and Brown Rice

Oven Fried Chicken and Salads

Brown Rice Pilaf
Brown rice is so much better with veggies in it!

Groceries are getting easier to find around here.  David and I went to the store with out a list and wished we had actually made one. But people were coughing and not wearing masks so I told David I was over it and I would put in a curbside order for the rest of what we didn't get.  Thankfully I found an open spot for today.  And Im getting together next weeks list so that I can hopefully find an opening sometime this weekend.  Wish me luck.

What are you eating this week?  Are groceries easy to find where you are or are there shortages? Also, who else is stress baking during these crazy times.  I have to stop making all the bread.  But then I might make all the desserts and that wouldn't be good either.

Wishing everyone a quick and easy week.  Wear and mask.  Wash your hands.  Stay home if you can.  And for the love of all things, be kind!

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