March 7, 2020

Menu Plan 3•9•20

Spring Break day one!  I was up early.  Coffee in hand and ready to go.  But its raining. Lame.  Alex woke up and came in to the kitchen asking if we could do something fun, how about a movie day?  At least the sun is starting to peek out and its not so gloomy.

One thing I do know for sure is that my menu is up and ready to go.  I really need to reign in my menu planning and get it all figured out earlier so that I can stop winging it last minute and just picking dinners.  This weeks menu was done on time, but not quite what I was going for.  But its spring break and I figured we would need to extra carbs.  To bad it looks like the weather is not going to cooperate but we will see.  Its planned... I am taking that as a win!

MONDAY  Sloppy Jos
TUESDAY  Baked Ham
WEDNESDAY  Hamburger Macaroni
THURSDAY  Arroz con Carne
FRIDAY  Fish and Chips

So nothing super exciting.  Am I the only one who loves a good homemade sloppy jo?  A certain someone in this house despises them so its been years since I have made them.  We are going to give it another try and cross our fingers.  After all, he also said he wasn't a fan of salmon, but then snagged the last plate I made and loved it.  They aren't picky about much but what kid doesn't like a sloppy joe or a pb&j but loves raw fish and asparagus?

Did everyone have a good weekend?  We did.  Not that we did anything amazing.  Friday after school the boys took care of mowing the back yard and getting it weekend ready.  Alex wanted to pop the tent and do some backyard camping.  We might still be able to fit that in.  Saturday was all about relaxing and Sunday we took a trip to the Zoo.  Yes again.  Not just to check in with the snakes but also to check out the new Zoo Starbucks.  Which is beautiful inside with all its animal wall art.  And CARDBOARD straws.  Yay for less plastic.  Its a small step, but in the right direction. 

** I meant to finish this before I headed to the hostpital, but got sidetracked.  And now its almost midnight **

This week is Spring Break for us.  And as much as I want to be hanging out at the pool all week, its looking like that's not going to happen.  Between the weather and all this flu/corona virus stuff going around, I think we are going to play it safe and just be lazy, at home.  I had to run to the lab today to get some blood work done but then Im good for the week. Actually, I have zero doctor appointments this whole month.  Just 2 lab visits.  Can I get a Hallelujah!?

If you need me this week, you will probably find me on the patio, with a book and a cuppa tea.  Or maybe I will take a page out of these guys book and enjoy a late morning nap before the heat hits.  Just not on the ground because Im to old for that! Ohhh, I'll get the hammock out of the shed!  Yes!

So theres our menu and a weekend wrap up!  Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?

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