March 16, 2020

Menu Monday 3•16•20

So, I was halfway though filling my curbside cart when I noticed items were being marked "out of stock"!  So I went to see about swapping them out for other things.  Maybe a different rice brand...nope.  Ok, well then brown eggs instead of white!  Negative.  By the time I had somewhat gotten everything into my cart, half of it was no longer available.  So I text David and told him I was had one trip to the store in me before things really hit the fan so we were going to be winging the menu.

Menu Monday

That was the plan anyways.  Then we got to the store and they were out of EVERYTHING.  Meat, bread, eggs, and of course toilet paper.  The shelves were empty.  So we grabbed a few things Friday night and then had to go back Saturday morning and were thankfully able to get enough to throw together a week of dinners. Plus stuff for breakfasts and lunches because school was cancelled for another week.  Its not the prettiest menu but you best believe we are thankful for any food we could get.  Here is what we came up with...

Monday:  Mushroom Chicken

Tuesday:  Arroz con Carne

Wednesday:  Turkey Macaroni

Thursday:  Baked Chicken

Friday:  Air Fried Salmon

Saturday:  Beef and Broccoli

Dads Hamburger Macaroni

Ok so we are going to have to make do with what I could find in the store.  I always get the family of chicken legs and split them up so we get THREE dinners out of one package.  I almost always have the things to make Dads macaroni on hand.  We were supposed to have it the other week but had leftovers instead so, Yay for bonus meals.  And there were a few packages of piccada (small diced beef) so I grabbed one to make with rice.  A simple and easy dinner.  There were no beans or tomato sauce but David will have to go track some down later.  And since it is Lent, Friday we have a new stock pile of Salmon that I suppose I will share with them.  I kid.  Its really not just for me.  I just eat a lot of it for lunches and not dinners.

I did grab a bag of short grain rice from the asian section.  Paid a little more but Im and islander and love me some sticky rice.  I also go a GIANT can of tuna.  Yes, the huge one.  But I figured, if we run out of food and I can't go anywhere I have everything for a tuna casserole and tuna and rice for days.  Back home we would live off that when the barge didn't show up with more food.  It is my emergency stash.  And we were able to get a loaf of bread and stuff for sandwiches too.  So we are pretty stocked up thankfully.

I have gotten more messages from my doctors reminding me that as their patient, I am at risk and should be avoiding crowds and taking extra precautions.  So it looks like there will be a lot of Netflix and movie nights in my future.  Thank god I got the big box of popcorn!

How are you all doing this week?  Were you able to stock up on what you needed to get though the week ok?  What made it on your menu?  Or are you just going to wing the whole week and grab things as you can?

Happy Monday Y'all.  Stay safe and  don't forget to wash your hands!

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