February 10, 2020

Menu Plan 2•10•20

Some weeks I have my menu planned and ready to go come Monday morning.  And some weeks, well, not so much.  Like this week.  This weekend we did a whole lot of nothing.  The boys wanted to go out but then didn't move, so we kinda just hung around the house all day.  Sunday we did a Sams Club run, to grab a few things and then to store to get a few things for dinner for the next few days and then he is on vacation the second half of the week.  So I will put an order in for pick up and we can grab the rest of the food.  I also still need to figure out what we are having.  Le sigh..

So I am working on cleaning up my diet this week.  Trying to find the balance that is going to keep all my doctors pleased.  Starting with my appointment today and lab work to check my INR (blood clotting time).  I did have some greens last night, so Im interested to see how much things are or aren't thrown off.  Im also still on the hunt for a nutritionist just to have a sounding board and someone to help me figure out the priorities of my restrictions.  But we are starting out the week on a good foot.  David and I are going out for a valentines lunch Friday.  And Thursday night is the Valentines dance at Alexs school, so I'm sure what ever we eat will be quick and easy.   So what do I have planned?  Here are a few of of this weeks dinners.

Fish Tacos  <--  Anthony has been begging for these for weeks.
Thai Chicken Meatballs  <--  New to us recipe.  Excited to try this one.
Baked Lime Chicken Bowls  <-- Tried & true.  Brown rice for them and veggies for me.

There has been talk of spaghetti or maybe sausage, rice and corn.  Neither will be on my plate, but Id gladly make for them.  Id love a big steak but that is for sure OFF THE TABLE.  Thankfully they didn't take away my coffee.  Well, I was told I can only have one caffeinated drink a day so, I have been sure to enjoy them all for sure.  I forget how refreshing a coffee on the patio is.

So, yeah, thats all I got.  But it's a start and it will get us through Wednesday.  As far as dinner is concerned.  I suppose I better get the rest of the list together.  But what should I make?  Do y'all make a special dinner on Valentines Day?  I will be making a cake for dessert.  Cake for dinner?  Kidding!!!

So whats on your menu this week?  Do you have special plans for Valentines?  Also, Yay for a holiday on a Friday!!  What ever y'all do, I hope it makes you feel happy and loved!

Happy Monday!

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