October 21, 2019

Menu Monday 10•21•19

The weekend was over in a blink of an eye.  Lame.  Hopefully some of you got more our of those short two days that we did.  Not complaining.  Honestly, I can get down with a lazy weekend.  We ran a few errands, scoped out some possible Christmas presents, but mostly just hung out at home.  You know its needed when I turned down a trip to the Zoo because I didn't want to get out of bed.

We did take the dogs up for vaccines and I got to see my little sister for a few hours so that was really nice.  But other than that, we didn't do much.  I did manage to get my groceries ordered and picked up on Saturday so my menu for the week was planned on time.  If anything else gets done this week it will be a miracle.  I will cook, but what else could they possible want from me?  Totally kidding, hopefully I will make a dent in laundry pile and wash enough dishes to get us though dinners tonight. I didn't use my dishwasher often but now that its dead, I wish it wasn't. 

Menu Monday

I also decided to stop assigning meals to certain days.  Instead I am just going to list the meals I will be making over the week.  Some days I am good about cooking what I planned and some days I can't wait another day and want tacos on a Monday.  Plus this way David can stop threatening to "expose" me.  Ha.  He likes to look at the menu to see what we are having and then comes home to another days meal.  And it's always on the days he was really looking forward to dinner.  My bad!  SO, here is a list of this weeks meals...

Sausage, Rice and Corn


Pork Chops


Chicken and Broccoli

Arroz con Pollo


There is a little of everything on the list.  My appetite has been non existent and trying to pick meals when nothing sounds good is challenging.  I had the chops left from last week.  And the rest of the meals are ones that I know I can get done super quick or before we pick the kids up from school.  Some days I end up cooking with a houseful of kids and while its not difficult, Id rather hang out too.  So, on Wednesday I am making a dinner that I can come home and cook since its just Alex home.  Almost everything else can be thrown together right before I leave or as soon as everyone takes off.  I'm sure there will be a leftover night in there somewhere too. 

I kinda like planning/half planning it this way.  Nothing is worse than staring the chicken you are cooking and wishing it was something else.  Anyone else do that.  Now I can just figure out what meal works best for how my day is going and go from there.  Boom,  life just got a little easier for me.  Totally wining!

What is cooking in your kitchen this week?  Haven't planned your menu yet?  Well then, if you could have one thing right now to eat, what would it be?  Do you plan meals by day or roll with it day by day?

Happy Monday Everyone.

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