July 1, 2019

Menu Monday 7•1•19

I love when a new month and a new week start on the same day.  Maybe it's just me but I always feel that it's an extra fresh start. Today also means we are half way though the year so there's that.  As much as I wish Summer would last forever, the rest of the year is just ahead of us.  Oh, I can't even with these thoughts!

It is Monday and that means I am sharing this weeks menu. I have been trying to keep the Summer menu plans as easy, quick and tasty as I can.  This week is no different.  Everything should be able to be done or close to it, in less than an hour.  Not too bad, right?  Check out the line up...

Sausage, Rice and Corn

Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats

Gigi's Chicken

Hot Dogs

Homemade Hamburger Macaroni.

So tonight dinner is super easy.  Cook up slices sausage, add in some corn, then some cooked rice and voila.  It's a little something that my mother in law used to make for David when she needed a quick dinner.  And now here I am making it too.  I will probably eat some salmon or something because sausage is salty AF.  Ill have a veggie burger or something on the 4th as well. 

The zucchini boats are a new to us recipe.  We have had a few other kinds but not Buffalo Chicken. But Gigi's Chicken is a family favorite around here.  Its not actually called that but it's one of Gigi Eats Celebrities recipes that we have tried and loved. 

And Fridays dinner is the result of me asking dad if he would buy hamburger helper when I was a kid.  He refused to buy processed and boxed foods so he made this instead.  This way is so much better, mostly because I can add a little extra cheese. And its so much less sodium than the box stuff too.  Not completely salt free.  Especially when I add just a little more extra cheese.  Cheese is life y'all!

So whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  Has anyone tried anything new lately?  Trying a new food is on our summer bucket list and I want to go all out.  Just don't know how yet.  As soon as I figure it out though, I'll be sure to let ya know!

Happy Monday and Happy July Everyone!

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