March 17, 2019

Menu Plan: 3•18•19

I have to admit, I'm a little happy its Monday!  I have phone calls to make and appointments to schedule.  Spring break was a nice week of chill, but I am totally missing our usual routine.  Who even am I?  I kid.  But seriously.  I really do need some warmer weather, because I could use some sunshine and swimming and I'm guessing the pool is still too cold.  There was still much fun to be had last week though so, I am thankful for that!

They say there are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.  We are beyond blessed when it comes to that.  Not only do we have we hit the neighbor jackpot.  We now have the most amazing friends.  And the boys get "sisters" out of it too.  I am pretty sure we confuse the crap out of people when we all go out together because you can't tell who belongs to who.  Anyways, Friday we gathered for dinner.  We ate, played in the street, laughed around a fire and managed to actually call it an early night.  But only because on Saturday we had planned a trip to the Zoo. After all that walking, we were all hungry so we made a full day out of it and went out to dinner too.

Speaking of food.  This weeks menu is planned and ready to go.  Wanna see what made the cut this week?

BBQ Chicken Legs

Pork Roast
Homemade Artisan Bread


Leftover night

Baked Fish
Macaroni Cheese

This week the plan is to get the house and family back on track.  We have been totally slacking on a few things and its totally ok...until it isn't. Back to bedtimes and less screen time.  Early dinners and more reading time.


I haven't had a sip of soda so far.  And I haven't really missed it either.

I am 10 bags into 40 so I need to pick it up a little. 4 came from under the bed.  OMG!

I did stay up and have a snack with David the other night but one out of 17 nights isn't bad!

I have posted 3 times a week and am still working on the whole growing IG thing.

I am also still working on the #boytime.  Connecting with teen and preteen boys can be tricky.

Not too bad!?

How was everyone's weekend?  I hope to hear that it was full of fun and laughter!  Happy Monday Y'all!

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