February 18, 2019

Menu Plan: 2•18•19

Another Monday, another menu!  Man did this weekend getaway from me.  But for as fast as it went, it was filled with some of the funniest moments of the year so far.  And maybe even enough for the whole year.  My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard.  That's how you know you had a good time.  I had a laughter hangover.

This weeks menu is a little crazy.  David will be home all week during the day, and we have a few things we wanted to do, so I tried to pick a few that would be quick, easy and have leftovers for a night too!   Here is whats on the menu this week!

Arroz con Pollo


Honey Garlic Chicken Legs

Lemon Pepper Turkey


I'm excited to try these Honey Garlic Chicken Legs because the sauce is pretty close to my teriyaki sauce.  Which I should share since it's almost time to bust out the grills.  Well here in South Texas anyways.  I have been dreaming of some teriyaki ribs with mac salad.  Maybe in a few weeks I will be able to light up the new grill.  I can't wait!

Today we are winging it.  Hoping to fit some sort of adventure into the day, but if not, we will just have to do it on our own this week while the boys are in school.  Don't judge us.  We love spending time together and we always miss the boys when we explore alone, but adult time is key!  Its what keeps us connected!

So now, whats on your menu??  Trying anything new this week?  The honey garlic recipe will be new for us, and I'm even thinking about finally trying Brussels Sprouts.  I'm scared, but it could be my try something new for the month....  What do you think?

Have an amazing Monday everyone!

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