December 16, 2018

Menu Plan: December 17th

After last week went up in smoke, I'm a little hesitant to get excited just yet.  But I want so badly to be hopeful.  Holiday Spirit and all that!  Really though.  Here is to a quick and smooth week!

My menu is ready to go.  It's easy, quick and there is something for everyone on it.  Now lets just hope this weeks plan goes accordingly with no major hiccups.  I'm beginning to think I have lost my touch in the kitchen.  That would be bad!  Im keeping it short today in hopes of not jinxing myself.  Here is this weeks line up!

Mushroom Chicken


Chicken Parmesan

Zucchini and Turkey Skillet

Free for all

This weekend David and I ran around in circles.  I picked gifts up, carried them around the store and then decided I wanted to get something else.  I ordered a few things on Amazon and then Anthony let me know that he had somethings he needed to order for his Secret Santa at school.  Not only did he want a certain hoodie, but he needed it by Tuesday.  Um, WHAT?!  Needless to say, we figured it all out and Christmas Shopping is 80% done.  How many of you are done with your shopping already?  I say it every year but, next year, I'm getting this crap done way early! 

I hate being such a procrastinator, but I am what I am!  I'm about to hit publish on this post a little early though!  Watch out!!  I might even pack lunches tonight and finish my book before I go to bed!  Or I might, crawl in bed in a few minutes and get lost in a puzzle.  Yes.  I play puzzles on my phone.  I don't have to move half finished puzzles around and I never lose pieces this way!  Genius if you ask me!  Im a dork, I know! 

What did everyone do this weekend?  Anything fun and exciting?  What about your menu for the week?  Whats cookin??!!  Happy Monday!

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