October 29, 2018

Menu Plan: October 29th

Last week was a dud.  I was pumped to be feeling better and getting my week started with a bang.  And I did.  I think I was so pumped I didn't know what to do with myself.  I was very careful not to push it.  I got things done around the house and still had to lay down a few times and grab a nap.  

By Wednesday, things were looking not so great.  Anthony looked a little pale.  When he got home from school I knew he was going to be home the next day.  The hot and cold and wet weather did a number on his lungs and he was on his nebulizer around the clock.  He did go to school Friday because they were starting a project in one of his classes and he didn't want to get behind.  He rallied like a boss.  

Menu Plan Monday

I'm taking a note from him and I am going to just keep on going.  I'm telling you.  Last week is over and its a new week.  And a new week brings a new menu.  One with not one, or two, but THREE new recipes to try.  Alex is having a sleepover on Friday so they still have to decide what they want for dinner.  Here is what we have lined up this week...




Air Fried Chicken Legs

Alexs Choice

Castroville Texas

This weekend we took a trip out to a new park.  Got a little adventure in.  A good walk and some fresh air did us all good!   One of my goals for October was to "Find Fall."  Well I think with all the rain we have had, this is as good as it gets.  Water is flowing and the green leaves are holding on.  I might have to try harder next month. I am stalking Lost Maples Instagram because they share #FoliageFridays and are supposed to have Maples that change color.  I have already made David promise to take me as soon as it goes down.  I just hope the weather stays nice!

The rest of the weekend was the usual stuff.  Errands, groceries, and spur of the moment Best Buy runs where the deals are to good to say no to.  I have a weakness for Google.  Our home runs on it and now we have added to the family.  Our Christmas presets just came a little early is all.  That's what I'm going with anyways.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Now lets hear whats on your menu for the week!  Also, how many of you have butterflied a chicken?  Is it hard?  Does it require adult supervision?  Asking for a friend!

Menu Plan Monday

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