October 24, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: October 24th

There is something a little refreshing about Mondays.  No matter how hard the week before was, it's like starting fresh.  Last Friday was probably one of the lowest days I have had this year.  And my heart is still heavy.  But the little bit of hope that is always in there, is growing.  There is just so much happening that I can't seem to get caught up and catch my breath.  I'll get there eventually.  But for now I need to get myself dressed and to the store.  Because instead of grocery shopping, we headed to the park with friends yesterday.  100% worth it.



Monday:  Mushroom Chicken

Tuesday:  Street Tacos

Wednesday: Clam Chowder

Thursday:  Chicken Sandwiches

Friday:  Salisbury Steaks


Finish up baby shower invites

Schedule 3 posts

Plan Thanksgiving menu and activities

Finish one book


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