October 17, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: October 17th


Mondays are quickly becoming one of my favorite days.  Yes, we were all dragging around this morning and getting out the door on time was a bit of a struggle, but, I needed a fresh start and no better day to start over than a Monday right?  I hope.

Last week I was drowning.  Between the boys not getting along, Anthony getting bullied at school, and David still working long hours, by Friday I was ready to tap out.  My newborn niece had to have an MRI for a brain bleed, PJ the foster dog is still hanging out with us, and I may or may not have had to call the police on a lady who insists on speeding down the road WHEN MY KIDS ARE PLAYING IN IT!  This time it wasn't actually my kids but the neighbors, but I love those kids too.  Clearly she gets it from her mother who almost hit us multiple times as well.

I've just been sour is all.  In a funk.  The kind where I just want to shut down for a while but know I can't give in to that pull.  This Friday I have an MRI and Anthony has a Neurology appt that we are praying gives us some answers to his constant tics.  The following week is my follow up at the Liver Clinic.  Its never ending.

But here's to hoping at least by keeping the menu nice and simple, things will run a lot smoother.  The best part is, most of the meals can be prepped the day before and just thrown together real quick after school.


Monday:  Garlic and Paprika Chicken with roasted potatoes and salads.

Tuesday:  Baked Fish with rice and broccoli.

Wednesday:  Chicken Rollups.

Thursday:  Tetrazzini and Broccoli.

Friday:  Meatball Subs and salads.


Purge the boys closets.

Take a few minutes every night for myself.

Start a new book with the boys.

Start Thanksgiving plans.

Did everyone have a good weekend?  I hope so.  We did a lot of things.  And by things I mean not much at all. But I finished another book and we all got a few cat naps in there.  The Cowboys won, so Happy Husband. Hopefully this week will be a breeze and who knows, maybe next weekend we will get out and do something fun.  Maybe that's what my problem is.  I need some fresh air.  Yeah!  I'm gonna go with that.  I guess I should add finding a weekend adventure for next week to my list of things to do!  Despite what some people say, there is a whole lot to do around here.

Happy Monday Everyone!


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