September 26, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: September 26th

And just like that September is coming to an end.  I'm telling you.  Once Summer is over, the rest of the year just disappears.  I'm really hoping that October stays for a while because I'm not ready for the holidays yet. I am ready for the week though.  Got my fridge emptied, food prepped and menu planned.

Kims Kitchen


Monday:  Chicken Alfredo Ziti.  

Tuesday:  Street Tacos

Wednesday:  Leftovers

Thursday:  Tuna Casserole

Friday:  Sloppy Joe's


Hit my steps 4 times this week.  It's rainy and I'm thinking 4 days might be a stretch.  But I'm going to try! The weather is supposed to be nice so maybe I can squeeze in a walk after dinner one or two nights this week and take the boys to the park.

Take my meds EVERY morning. I've been struggling with this but it seems I have no other option.  They make me feel so awful, but in the long run, I need them.  Every day, not just when I think I have time.

Get my labs done.  For real this time! I keep saying this but I'm out of time and really need to get it done.  I'm interested to see my results too.  I have been feeling so drained.

Buy myself something.  I know I'm not the only one who hates shopping and buying themselves things. But then I realized how sad it was that happy I was excited about new socks.  David is always trying to buy me stuff, but I always say no. So this week I will buy myself something.

What's on your menu this week?  What are some of your favorite fall foods? I was going to make a big ole batch of clam chowder this week but I haven't been able to have much dairy lately.  A big warm bowl would be perfect right now with this rainy weather we are having!  Boo!

Happy Monday Yall.  I hope everyone has a great week!

Menu Plan Monday

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