September 19, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: September 19th


Well that was fast.  One minute it's Friday and then Monday just kinda sneaks up on you!  Like a surprise party you really don't want to have!  But what can you do right?!  As much as I didn't want to get up this morning, and no matter how hard I tried to convince David to come back to bed, the work week is here.

The boys were actually getting a move on this morning.  I did have to fix Alex's hair before he left.  He was looking a like Donnie from The Wild Thornberries.  Did I just date myself there?  Oh well.  My first stop after dropping the big kids off was to check on a friends pets.  I'm gonna miss my mornings with them.  And my lunches and nights too.  But thankfully I am blessed with my own little circus to worry about too!

PJ the Foster Pup is doing good.  Hes such a sweet little puppy.  Come back Wednesday for a Wordless Wednesday Puppy!

And since we kinda slacked this weekend, I need to get to the store and buy some food before the little bottomless pits get home from school.  Seriously, how much food can 2 boys eat?  All the foods!  Here is what's cooking up in our kitchen this week.


Monday:  Chicken Parmesan and salads.

Tuesday:  Arroz con Pollo and beans.

Wednesday:  Leftovers

Thursday:  Meatloaf with roasted potatoes and veggies.

Friday:  Baked Salmon with brown rice.


Fix the brakes on my bike.

Pack lunches all week.

Get the new Nest Cam set up.

Hit 10,000 steps everyday.

Cut the grass.

Did anyone do anything fun this weekend?  We didn't do a whole lot.  We did explore a new Pet Store. More on that later.  But other than that, we kinda just hung out.  Guess we will have to step it out next weekend. Wishing everyone a great week!  Stay busy and pray the weekend gets here quick!

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