September 16, 2016

10 things that made me happy this week

I don't think I have ever been happier for a Friday.  I mean, I love all Fridays and this one is still busy but I thought for sure this week would never end. It has been interesting for sure.  But it's Friday and time for some happiness.  Lord do I need it too.  I have been drowning in negativity lately.  Today, I am choosing to set that all aside.

Linking up with Krysten, Lindsay and Charlotte always helps turn things around for me and set the tone for a nice, happy and fun weekend.  Be sure to stop by and check out what everyone else is happy about too!

10things spring

Sweet Tea.  Hot tea.  Sleepy Tea.  I have a tea problem. Its sorta still water right?

An amazing Pediatrician's office. Not only do they always fit us in, but they are great with the boys!

David has been amazing even though I have been a bear.  Poor guy.  

A puppy who does well in the kennel and sleeps ALL night long.  

Clean dogs.  I might have bathed them all more than once, just this week but they are clean! 

The boys and I are watching Heartland on Netflix. It's so hard to find a show that I can watch with the boys. Sure there is some kissing but according to Alex, it's not any more kissing than he sees at home.  Oops!

Flexible Spending Account. Drs co pay?  Check.  Meds?  Check.  Thank God!

The boys are still talking about camping.  I was so worried they would hate it.

A friend who when you call to ask to borrow a nebulizer, not only brings it over at 10pm but also brings her stethoscope to check his lungs and talks to him about what he needs to do to get better!

The cutest little foster puppy.  Even David is can't stop talking about how cute he is!  Monster Paws!


I pretty much failed most of this weeks goals but you know what, I'm not even worried about it. My pantry is a mess, but it's full of food and that is a blessing.  I did spray the yard though! Suck that mosquitoes! Puppy Training, well,  it not easy but damned if he isn't the cutest little thing ever! I sucked at the writing part.  I have turned my computer on twice this week. Monday and Today.  And as far as sleep goes, well.  I the last 2 days have been breathing treatments every 4 hours, then the dogs want to go out since, I'm up anyways.  I give up on sleep.  I kinda just nap here and there.  It works!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!  We have a dog adventure this weekend and I won a pair of shoes that I get to pick up this weekend too! I will be sharing sneak peeks on Instagram so be sure to follow there too!  I'd love to hear what yall have planned this weekend?

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