August 1, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: August 1st

And just like that, it's August.  21 more days till school starts.  21 days till the house is quiet, the snack drawer stays stocked for more than one day and the laundry pile is cut in half.  You would think I would be happy about that.  But its 21 more days until I go back to eating lunch alone and the house is quiet.  As much as all the noise drives me crazy, I love it.  But that's not what we are talking about today.


In many ways, I am like my dad. I love to cook.  And I love being in the kitchen.  However, I do not like to spend my whole day in there . That man would start cooking things before the sun came up.  I like quick meals.  Still made with love (that's the important thing) but just quicker than he did things.  So in the spirit of keeping the menu quick and easy, here is what we have cooking this week. 

Monday:  Tuna subs

Tuesday:  Chicken Caesar Salads

Wednesday:  Salisbury Steaks

Thursday:  Tuscan Garlic Chicken

Friday:  Fish Fry

Two confessions.  One, I forgot the cream and red bell peppers for the Tuscan Chicken.  Two, I am using a box fish fry thing from Zatarain's.  I have never done this before so hopefully it's good. Sigh.  Here's to hoping everything comes out ok.  There is a 30% chance I chicken out of the box breading. And a 60% chance I sucker David into taking me back to the store for the missing ingredients.  There is also a good chance we end up eating leftovers one of these days because why make more food if there is still food in the fridge that needs to be eaten.  Just saying.  #nowaste

So there you have it.  What is on your menu this week?  No Menu?  What are you waiting for?  It seriously makes the week run so much smoother.  I would lose my mind if I didn't plan my meals!  And it's kinda the only fun part about Mondays.


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